We help Transgender Individuals and Couples Become Parents

We understand that you have experienced poorly facilitated care when it comes to planning your family. It is important to us that prospective trans parents receive consistent treatment and fertility care. We can help you find the appropriate fertility clinic and will advocate for you to ensure your care providers understand the difference between the biological contribution you are making to becoming a parent and your experience of gender.

We are working with fertility and IVF clinics and their staff all over North America to adapt clinical forms and practices to accommodate the reality of trans bodies.

Transgender couple becomes parents through surrogacy in Canada

Family Planning

Prior to, or in the early stages of transition, many transgender individuals choose to make future parenting a priority. A trans woman might freeze sperm before transitioning; a trans man may want to preserve his own eggs. We can help facilitate this process so that you may have a biological child in the future.

For trans parents that have not preserved their fertility, we facilitate egg donation.

Your Body. Your Choice.

Only you can decide what path to parenthood is best for you. Both trans men and trans women are choosing surrogacy to build their families in a way that allows them to be who they are.

Just because you were born with the anatomy to make pregnancy possible, does not mean you need to step outside of your experience as a person to become a parent. Surrogacy makes parenthood possible for both trans men and trans women.

No Less a Parent

We don’t just believe that trans parents are wonderful parents, we are educating our communities about it. We know that you have many strengths that will make you an even better parent in areas like acceptance, authenticity, and courage. Feel supported and know you have a team on your side when facing any adversity. The gift of family has no boundaries.

Transgender surrogacy

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