I know, I know. You had this vision that Demi Lavato would be your egg donor and fertility goddess Beyonce would carry your precious embryo and hit all her high notes in the delivery room.


Reality check!


The women I know who become Surrogates are just as incredible as any celebrity idol. They seem like ordinary women. They’re full time moms, secretaries, doulas, artists, nurses, and entrepreneurs. They are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and even grandmothers (gasp!). They are women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and lifestyles.
The one thing they have in common is that they are all incredibly beautiful.


Not always the kind of beauty you think if when you imagine Demi Lavato having her eggs retrieved by your RE. The kind of beauty that lights up a room and radiates from a woman’s very soul, and if you’re lucky, it touches yours.


Ask any Surrogate Mother why she became a Surrogate and it won’t just be her words that reach you. She will light up with passion, pride and generosity. She emits a warm glow that is almost tangible.


In Canada, surrogacy is altruistic. Altruistic surrogacy is different from commercial surrogacy in the United States that we often hear about in gossip magazines. Altruistic Surrogates may have their surrogacy journey related expenses reimbursed, but they are not paid for their gift. Canadian Surrogates are inspired to help others experience parenthood because they know how precious it is to be a parent.


When choosing a surrogate, look past what you see on the outside and look for the beauty on the inside. Size, hair color, nose shape, and age have no bearing on a woman’s ability to carry a child (leave establishing maternal viability to your Fertility Doctor). When seeking the right Surrogate, you want to find someone whose values align with yours, who will go to great lengths to ensure your baby is born healthy and safe, and who is full of love.


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