Have You Thought About Giving the Gift of Family?

Our experienced team of surrogacy consultants guide you through the process of becoming a Surrogate Mother.


You have the opportunity to do something monumental by carrying a child for people who could not otherwise become parents. Our Future Parents are wonderful people who need someone like you to have the child they have been longing for.


When becoming a Canadian Surrogate, you carry a child that is not genetically linked to you for deserving Future Parents. We work with Future parents that are:

  • Married and single
  • LGBTQ+
  • Living in Canada and Internationally

You can be an important part of fulfilling someone’s family dream and ensuring the gift of family has no boundaries.

Become a Surrogate for Gay Men

Altruistic Canadian Surrogacy

In Canada, surrogacy is legal and altruistic. Canadian Surrogate MothersĀ are the most generous, giving people who become pregnant and carry a child for those who could not otherwise become parents.

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