Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate FAQ for Gay Surrogacy and Surrogacy for Single Intended Parents
Does Pride Surrogacy help Intended Parents outside of Canada?

We do! Our surrogacy agency helps Intended Parents around the world to become parents through surrogacy in Canada.

How much does it cost to become a parent through surrogacy in Canada?

Surrogacy is expensive but worth it! Surrogacy in Canada is a cost-effective choice thanks to Canada’s laws about altruistic surrogacy. You can learn more about the expected expenses of surrogacy at The Cost of Surrogacy.

What make Pride Surrogacy the best choice for Gay Surrogacy and Single Parent Surrogacy in Canada?

We’re the only Canadian surrogacy agency that specializes in LGBTQ+ Surrogacy and Surrogacy for Single Intended Parents. We understand your journey because we are just like you!

Does Pride Surrogacy work with heterosexual couples?

We refer heterosexual couples to our sister surrogacy agency Proud Fertility.

Why do Intended Parents choose surrogacy over adoption?

Surrogacy often means you can become a parent sooner than if you choose to adopt a child. There are more women who are interested in becoming Surrogate Mothers than there are Birth Mothers planning to place their children through adoption. There are many reasons to choose surrogacy over adoption. You can learn about the pros and cons of both surrogacy and adoption at Why Choose Surrogacy.

How long will it take to become a parent through surrogacy?

Surrogacy journies vary widely in length. A number of factors can impact how long it will take you to have a baby through surrogacy including how long it takes for you to choose the right Surrogate Mother, and the length of time it takes for medical screening, and the legal process.

What medical procedures will I need to undergo to become a parent through surrogacy?

The procedures of each IVF clinic vary. You may require a complete physical examination. Intended Parents living with HIV will undergo additional tests and process which you can learn more about at HIV and Surrogacy.


Does Pride Surrogacy assist LGBTQ+ Intended Parents and Single Intended Parents with egg donation?

Egg donation is an important part of the surrogacy process for gay men, single men, and women experiencing infertility. We can help you through the egg donation process.


Can I choose the number of embryos that will be transferred?

You should discuss transferring multiple embryos with your IVF doctor. Transferring more than one embryo increases the risk to the Surrogate Mother and your babies.


Does Pride Surrogacy help me with the legal aspects of surrogacy in Canada?

We are not lawyers, but we do have relationships with trusted lawyers that we can refer you to for advice. You will also need a lawyer to prepare your surrogacy agreement, egg donor agreement, and help you become the legal parent of your baby after birth.


Have more questions? Let us answer your questions based on your individual circumstances, location, and dreams.

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