An estimate of the cost of surrogacy in Canada. It is impossible to know exactly how much surrogacy will cost but here you will you find averages that we see among our clients. We personally understand from experience just how stressful the financial aspects of surrogacy can be and are here to help you navigate your entire surrogacy journey as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Your costs will depend upon:

  • if you choose gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy
  • whether or not you need an egg donor
  • if you choose to have genetic testing done on your embryos
  • how many rounds of IVF and number of embryo transfers needed to achieve a live birth
  • the types of medication recommended by your fertility doctor
  • if you choose to work with a surrogacy agency
  • transportation expenses for you, your Egg Donor, and  Surrogate Mother

Talk to your Fertility Lawyer for details about outlining allowable expenses in your Surrogacy Agreement.

Cost of Surrogacy: Expense Break Down

Anticipated Surrogacy Related Costs


Medical and Fertility Clinic Costs | $17,000-$25,000+


Cost of Surrogacy in CanadaCosts vary by clinic. These fees typically include:

  • medical screening costs (for you, your Surrogate, and Egg Donor)
  • psychological screening
  • egg retrieval
  • IVF process
  • medication for your Surrogate and Egg Donor
  • embryo transfer

Expect additional fees for genetic testing.


Pride Surrogacy - Gay Surrogacy in CanadaLegal Fees | $8,000-$10,000


Depending on where your Surrogate Mother lives and gives birth in Canada your legal fees may vary. Legal fees involve:

  • Surrogate representation
  • Egg Donor representation
  • Intended Parent representation
  • Declaration of Parentage
  • Trust account management
  • Ancillary legal services such as surrogacy related estate planning and life insurance for your Surrogate.


Surrogate Mother Expense Reimbursements | Varies


In Canada, a Surrogate cannot be paid for her pregnancy but is reimbursed for her expenses related to the surrogacy journey. The surrogate is required to submit receipts to prove expenses for reimbursement. We have no way of predicting what these expenses might be as it is so dependent on the individual needs of your Surrogate. These expenses may include:

  • household helpPride Surrogacy - Gay Surrogacy in Canada FAQ
  • childcare
  • maternity clothing
  • travel expenses
  • lawn and garden maintenance, including snow removal
  • psychological support
  • birth doula support
  • birth photography
  • holistic health care (chiropractic care, naturopathic doctor, acupuncture, placenta encapsulation, etc)
  • additional expenses for Cesarean birth
  • additional expenses for twin and multiple pregnancies
  • lost wages and bed rest (if required)
  • other reasonable expenses incurred because of the surrogacy


Surrogate and Egg Donor Life Insurance | $500+


The cost of life insurance will be based on the age and health of your Surrogate and Egg Donor.


Travel Costs | Varies


Travel costs include hotels, flights, transportation, and meals for your Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother, as well as a travel companion, to attend appointments and be seen at the fertility clinic.


The above amounts are generalizations and may not be reflective of your actual costs. The average cost per journey is (including egg donation) is about $85,000-100,000 CAD. 

We do our best to prepare the Intended Parents we work with for the expenses they may incur. It is important to us that you feel informed and prepared every step of the way. 

For detailed information about the cost of surrogacy please contact us.

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