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At Pride Surrogacy, we believe everyone deserves the chance to be a parent. We envision a world where sexual orientation, gender, and relationship status are no longer boundaries that restrict the ability to establish a loving family. The gift of family has no boundaries.

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The Pride Surrogacy Story


Nathan Chan of Pride Surrogacy Inspired by his own journey to parenthood, founder Nathan Chan is Canada’s most fabulous surrogacy expert. At 25, his most burning desire was to become a parent.


As a single Intended Father, he has pursued adoption, egg donation, and surrogacy. It hasn’t been an easy journey. Along the way, he has faced losses, judgment, and plenty of unsolicited opinions about single fatherhood by choice.


Nathan has now been working as a fertility consultant for many years and is the owner of several agencies that help people who may not otherwise be able to have a child, become parents.


Through his own experience, he has come to understand the added heartbreak single Intended Parents, and LGBTQ+ Intended Parents face when longing for a child. He puts his heart and soul into every file he handles and works tirelessly to support the people he works with compassionately and professionally.


Although Nathan is still pursuing parenthood, he is quoted as saying “ I have fulfilled my own family dreams by helping others fulfill theirs.”


Nathan has helped dozens of families from around the world. He is an avid blogger, has been published by Huffington Post and featured by many news sources.

The Pride Surrogacy Team


We are committed to fulfilling your desire to become a parent. Meet our diverse team of driven individuals who possess a deep understanding of the surrogacy process and understand your need for unique services and support. We’re here for our Future Parents, Egg Donors, and Intended Parents around the clock.  You can expect a compassionate and empathetic approach to everything we do.  We carefully manage your file and help you acheive your dreams. The gift of family has no boundaries. 

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