There are a million and one lists for packing a hospital bag for birth, but let’s be real, your needs as parents through surrogacy are different from those who are giving birth. You will need to bring different things to the hospital than you would if you were going to labour or have a cesarean section.

Have you been feeling anxious about what you should bring to the hospital when your surrogate goes into labour?


So Many Clothes!

First, remember to pack for yourself. You may be at the hospital for many hours or even days and comfort is key! Remember to bring layers to be added or removed as you feel is required, and cozy shoes or slippers. But you also have to pack for your new bundle of joy! 3-4 sleepers or onesies with a baby blanket will come in handy for a short stay. Hand mitts and socks can also be included. Some parents love to choose a “coming home” outfit that is to be saved for the child or for other expected siblings to use.


You’re Going to Need Diapers.

Whether disposable or reusable, diapers are a must when leaving the hospital. Newborn babies can potentially go through a dozen diapers a day! Although you likely won’t need to pack that many for the transition from the hospital, it never hurts to be prepared when it comes to diaper coverage!

Cloths, Receiving Blankets, and Swaddlers

Although hospitals have access to supplies for your use, introducing personal items to baby and normalizing scents and their environment eases any transitions baby experiences. You may consider bringing your own burp cloths and/or receiving blankets for your use during feeding.


You Might Need to Bring Bottles.

Depending on your choice of feeding methods, you may want to include your bottles on your hospital packing list. Be sure that you have packed the right age and speed appropriate nipples for bottle lids, to make early feedings successful and less stressed.


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Accessories and Extras (All That Other Baby Gear)

It’s the little items that can sometimes make a large difference! Have you chosen to introduce a soother? Is there a security or transitional item? Do you wish to bring a notebook to record your feelings, small memories or words shared during this special time? A camera to capture the moments? Don’t hesitate to bring extra items if you feel you’ll need or want them at some point during your birth experience.


If You Only Bring One Thing: Infant Car Seat

This item isn’t just a safe suggestion, it’s a mandatory one for many hospitals. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s directions while installing or utilize the service of a Car Seat Technician to ensure safe and proper installation. During the discharge procedures, a nurse will ask you to demonstrate that baby is safely strapped into the seat before leaving the hospital. Whether taking a taxi, a rental or your own vehicle, don’t forget baby’s safest way to travel!


No Stress!

During this exciting, overwhelming and surreal experience, you may forget items, overpack items or even lose items – just don’t lose your cool! Keep a positive attitude and outlook during the birth journey and know that any material items can be recouped, found or bought. Enjoy the moments as they unfold during the arrival of your child.

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