What keeps you awake at night?


We asked four sets of Intended Parents (one of them being Nathan Chan, Managing Director of Pride Surrogacy):


As a parent who is expecting a baby through surrogacy, what are you afraid of? 


Any new parent has fears or worries about the arrival of their new baby.  Will we bond immediately?  Will the baby be healthy?  Will we be able to handle this life transition?  But upon being asked, these Intended Parents are generally confident in their preparation and ability to adjust to their new lives.


What they are fearful of is the stuff nightmares are made from…




Nathan had an exceptionally hard time changing his first poopy diaper!  And many new parents have experienced the same!  Poopy diapers can result in leakage, a complete blowout and gagging.



Whether using disposable diapers or cloth diapers, your adorable little bundle has the potential to become an explosive weapon at any given moment.  How can you prepare?


First, make sure your choice of diapers are not only in line with your values, but are durable and provide enough coverage for those heavy doody loads.  Also, extra clothing, wipes and/or cloths for clean up are an essential for every diaper bag or changing station.   And if the situation calls for it, giving the baby a warm bath makes clean-up faster and easier.   No matter the gender, when baby’s privates are exposed to open air, they often let loose with pee too – so always be on guard!




Spit-up is common with babies and although the amounts aren’t usually excessive, the smell can catch one off guard… sour milk anyone?


For those with sensitive noses or sensibilities, vomit and spit-up are not pleasantries of parenting. Prevention can come in the form of vented bottles, to stop baby from swallowing air, but ultimately, spit happens!   The best defence is a good offence!


Make sure babe has a bib to prevent soiling cute outfits when possible  Also, receiving blankets or burp cloths are an amazing tool for managing damage to your own stylish wear.   If you do get tagged with spit up, be sure to try and wipe with a warm cloth as soon as possible.  Not only does this help minimize the smell, but it can help with the prevention of stains or spit-up smell even after laundering.




Another common occurrence, particularly in babies under 6 months, is clogged or stuffed noses.  This can make feeding and sleep more challenging for baby and parents.  But what can you do?


Some basic measures should include a humidifier, some steam time in the bathroom, or smaller but more frequent feeds.  If you truly feel those tips aren’t helping, there are other ways to help assist baby in clearing the nasal passage.  Saline drops can be used to thin the mucus, making it much easier for baby to feed.  Drops should only be used before feeding, as overuse can cause the skin around the nose to become sensitive or sore.  And here comes the more gag-worthy alternative – nasal suckers!  Suckers can come in a variety of forms including bulbs, ones with hoses attached for parents to provide the suction or even electric models.  Studies conducted have shown that suckers (also called nasal aspirators) are effective and safe for baby, but the aspirator clean up leaves much to be desired.



Each Other!


One set of Intended Parents expressed concern at how their partner will change throughout this experience.  A couple used to being well-dressed, styling and out on the town, will now be struggling to find time to shower, to balance their responsibilities, to sleep and to spend time together.   But fear not – this is one phobia that can be packed away if you remember these three things:

  1. You have each other to count on! Take turns taking shifts with your baby and having alone time to rejuvenate and refill your cup.
  2.  As you watch your partner bonding with your child, your heart will never be more full.
  3.  Don’t hesitate to ask for support – family and friends would love to watch your baby for the snuggles and love a newborn provides. It will allow you both to have time together alone and to invigorate your relationship as you adjust to your new life together.  Just maybe don’t let your friends and family read this blog first!

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