When getting ready to grow your family via surrogacy, some Intended Parents have wondered if it is at all possible that their chosen surrogate can keep the baby instead of releasing him or her to their parents.


Since there are different laws for different countries, we’d like to take some time to answer this question and put any fears to rest.


In Canada it is impossible for a Gestational Surrogate to keep your baby. There are legal agreements that need to be signed stating that the Gestational Surrogate is not the parent of the child and it is required that she give the baby to their parents once the child has been born.


All parties involved in the surrogacy journey are required to sign legal agreements including the Intended Parents themselves stating that they also will not leave the Surrogate to be responsible for their baby. Both Intended Parents and the Surrogate are protected.


It is also important to note that Surrogates are not interested in keeping your baby. They want to see your family grow and your dreams come true.


Most women who have decided to become Surrogates are done having their own babies and all of them realize this was never their baby to keep in the first place.


Women have gone into the surrogacy knowing that this pregnancy was planned, and the intention is to help someone else have a baby using either the Intended Parents own or donated eggs and sperm.


This is a fear you will never see become a reality.


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