It really doesn’t matter how you start a family, (the traditional way, with the help of fertility treatments, IUI, IVF, or surrogacy) there never a truly perfect time.



I see it frequently: Future Parents feel like they’re ready, they begin their surrogacy journey, and then some hiccup happens in life and they wonder if it is the wrong time. Sometimes the hiccup is a conversation with their mother, sometimes it’s a job change or a career advancement, or some world event impacting the economy.



I can completely relate! I was in my twenties when I began my journey to become a father through surrogacy. Life changes often led to self-doubt and worry about the timing of my surrogacy journey.



One minute all seems well and you’re certain it’s the time and the next you’re unsure. Feeling unsure about the timing of becoming a parent can be triggered by a specific event or just be a feeling. It happens to everyone.


The right time to become a parent through surrogacy


5 Signs You’re Ready to be a Parent


There’s never a perfect time to become a parent but there is a time when you are ready. Look deep inside and decide if you’re truly prepared to give of yourself and share your life with a little person. You may find the timing is better than you think!

You are probably ready to become a parent if:


  1. You view parenthood as an opportunity to give and be challenged. You are becoming a parent for yourself, not your parents, not your partner, but because you want to be a parent.
  2. You feel fairly confident you and your partner (if you have one) will be good parents.
  3. You can handle speed bumps, roadblocks, and detours. Becoming a parent, and parenting is full of surprises and things rarely go as planned.
  4. Your life goals involve being a good person and achieving your true potential.
  5. You have stability. Stability means different things to different people. For you, it may mean having the same loving people in your life or having a stable home. It definitely needs to include the ability to financially, physically, and emotionally support a child.


it is NEVER “the PERFECT time” to become a parent.


There will never be a perfect time to start a family. Even people who are able to conceive biologically have doubts and fears and concerns about timing. People who are already pregnant are freaking out that “It’s the wrong time, what now?”



We all wonder if we will be the best parent we can be. We all worry we could be better at another time, or give our children more, or have more time for them at a later date. The fact that we worry about being ready to parent shows just how prepared we are to accept the responsibility and selflessness that being a parent requires.



Although there is no perfect time to become a parent, if you are emotionally prepared for the sacrifices, responsibilities, and joys of parenthood, this is the right time. If today might be the right time to start your surrogacy journey, reach out. I’d be happy to have a candid conversation about preparing for parenthood.



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