You are Ready To Become A Parent

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect or plan for it to go. But here you are, ready to bravely strike out and pursue your dream to become a Mother or Father.

Single Parents By Choice

If you’ve shared your plans you have likely faced both strong support and disapproval. Choosing to become a single parent is a brave choice and one some people just do not understand. At Pride Surrogacy, we could not understand more.

We know from personal experience that becoming a parent without a life partner is difficult. Birth Mothers do not often choose single Future Parents when placing a child for adoption. Even potential Surrogates and Egg Donors may not be comfortable working with a single Future Parent.

At Pride Surrogacy, we are ready to end single parenting stigma. We may or may not be single by choice, but we are parents by choice.

Creating a Community of Allies for Single Parents by Choice

Surrogate Mother Pregnant in CanadaIn 2009, Pride Surrogacy’s Managing Director Nathan Chan was ready to be a dad. He hadn’t found the elusive “one” everyone seems to be dreaming of. He was confident that he had more than enough love and stability to be a parent. Besides, he knew plenty of people who had started out as a couple and ended up parenting solo anyway.

Nathan’s journey is ongoing but he loves helping people like you fulfill their family dreams through surrogacy and egg donation.

Our team knows you are no less a parent. We are excited for your child to know they were so loved and wanted that many people came together to ensure their existence.

Thanks to Nathan’s openness about his surrogacy journey as a single parent by choice, many women have come forward prepared to support single Intended Parents. The ongoing dialogue about surrogacy for Single Parents, LGBTQ+ Parents, and others who face challenges when trying to build a family has made Pride Surrogacy (and our sister agency Proud Fertility) the destination for Egg Donors, and Surrogates looking to help!

We’re here to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free journey to parenthood.  Let’s get started!

Fill out our Intended Parent Interest Form and one of our staff will reach out to answer your questions.

Single Parent Surrogacy

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