You are ready to become a parent.

You will need the help of two women to make your family dreams come true, a Surrogate and an Egg Donor.

You’ll also need the help of a fertility clinic, doctors, nurses, a surrogacy consulting agency, and some serious emotional support from professionals as well as friends and family!

Pride Surrogacy specializes in helping people just like you become fathers.

We understand the needs of gay men (both couples and single gay men) and have built relationships with fertility specialists, resources, and generous women who want to help hopeful gay dads build their families.


When working with Pride Surrogacy you can expect:

  • Our expert consultants to be available to you with resources and guidance every step of the way.
  • To be connected with clinic who understands your needs as a gay man or gay couple wanting to build a family through surrogacy.
  • Us to facilitate and liaise your relationship with both your Surrogate and your Egg Donor.
  • Personalised consulting based on your individual needs, home country and spoken language

Feel empowered and prepared every step of your surrogacy journey by working with a team that is experienced in helping gay men become fathers through surrogacy!

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Want to learn more about working with Pride Surrogacy on your surrogacy journey?

Fill out our interest form to help us give you personized information about surrogacy and egg donation for gay men.

Helping Gay Men Become Dads

Two gestational carriers talk about why they choose to be surrogate mothers for gay couples. Our Surrogates understand your strong desire to become a parent. At Pride Surrogacy, we believe everyone deserves the chance to be a parent

Surrogacy for Single Dads

We know that single parents are just as capable and loving as couples are. We are invested in your surrogacy journey and helping you become a parent. Listen as Kara shares her journey to choosing a single Intended Parent.

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